Type Tickets
Early Bird Tickets & Knalti Ticket These tickets are cheaper than a Regular Ticket because they are sold in an early stage, often with limited information available. There are just a few Early Bird Tickets for sale. Regular Tickets These tickets represent the regular rate of a ticket. Late Bird Tickets These tickets are more expensive than a Regular Ticket. These tickets are for sale after the Early Bird Tickets and Regular Tickets are sold out and/or on the day of the event itself. These tickets are as expensive as the rate at the register (door).
Minimum Age
The minimum age is 16: this means that you have to be in the age of 16 on the day of the event. Not fake 16, not 16 a few days after the event but really 16! If you are not in the age of 16 you may not enter the venue (even if you bought a ticket). At this event there’s a ZERO tolerance policy. Attention: a valid ID is mandatory, a copy or picture of the ID will not be accepted.